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Taos Pueblo NM | Black and White Photography

Taos Pueblo
“Place of the Red Willows”

On a plaque in the Taos Visitors Center is written:

“The oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States has been acknowledged by historians to be our home for more than 1,000 years. They speculate about where we came from, but we already know the answer: We have been here since time immemorial.”

Photos taken on November 27, 2010.


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Pike Place Market, Seattle WA | Photos

The history of Pike Place Market is as rich and colorful as Seattle itself.

Its nine acres and more than a century of operation encompass thousands of fascinating stories — tales of immigration, internment, renovation and urban renewal — all that help explain why Pike Place Market is called “The Soul of Seattle.” (more…)

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B&W photos with a splash of color

When visiting Seattle  a year ago, I came across a photo of one red umbrella amid a sea of grey umbrellas.   The photographer had altered the photo to B&W except for the one red umbrella.  Although this technique is nothing new, for some reason, this picture really caught my eye and brought this to my awareness.  Since then I have played around in PhotoShop in my off time changing certain pictures to this style.  Here are a few. (more…)

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