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Photos taken in RAW format with my Canon Rebel T2i

Just under two months ago, I purchased my first “real” camera… a Canon Rebel T2i. Oh, how I love this camera! I have always been passionate about photography and finally decided to make the move and invest in something more than a “point and shoot” auto-focus pocket-style camera. I am so glad I did… no regrets here. When looking back at my childhood, I have to laugh… whenever my mother would take the camera film in to be developed, I would always get in trouble. You see, when she picked up the photos, the entire roll would typically be pictures of our dogs and cats – which were my favorite subjects when I would sneak the camera out of the cupboard. (more…)

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My two dogs | First round of pictures with new Canon Rebel T2i camera

Here is my first round of what will be thousands and thousand of pictures of my dogs. Just received my new camera along with a zoom/telephoto lens (55-300mm) today – a Canon Rebel T2i. I am very excited as I adore photography and taking videos. I do have quite a bit to learn as this is the first time using a manual camera. I think learning the menu and screen is more difficult than learning the settings. But practice and patience will pay off. (more…)

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