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Taos Pueblo NM | Black and White Photography

Taos Pueblo
“Place of the Red Willows”

On a plaque in the Taos Visitors Center is written:

“The oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States has been acknowledged by historians to be our home for more than 1,000 years. They speculate about where we came from, but we already know the answer: We have been here since time immemorial.”

Photos taken on November 27, 2010.


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Reflections of myself and a building in downtown Albuquerque NM via man made reflective items. Photos of the building reflection taken with a Canon Rebel T2i, others are a combination of stills from a Canon camcorder and an older Olympus point and shoot.   (more…)

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Melbourne Australia at night

Beautiful images of Melbourne Australia taken at night.

Melbourne is the capital and most populous city in the state of Victoria, and the second most populous city in Australia.  Melbourne was founded in 1835 (47 years after the European settlement of Australia) by settlers from Van Diemen’s Land.  It was named by governor Richard Bourke in 1837, in honour of William Lamb—the 2nd Viscount Melbourne.  Melbourne was officially declared a city by Queen Victoria in 1847. (more…)

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Abandoned schoolhouse in Indiana

When visiting my family back in Indiana over Christmas 2010, I stopped to take photos of an abandoned Jefferson Township School near Shannondale, Indiana.  I grew up driving by this school for many, many years.  My last visit to my hometown was in 2000 to bury my father.  I had never really acknowledged it’s existence until this last trip home.  It was cold, snowy, and very surreal.  The visions and voices of the children in decades past echoed through my mind as I tromped through the snow, fingers numb as I refuse to put on gloves when taking pictures or taking film. (more…)

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A journey through Belgium’s underground abandoned crypts

Treading deep underground, Sven Fennema explores the realm of the dead – a place where people were buried long ago. The labyrinthine tunnels of an old, abandoned crypt lie before him, full of mementos, grave plates, and the traces left by those who loved and came to pay their respects to the deceased. (more…)

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