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How to Shoot Fireworks by Fro Knows Photo

Some very nice tips on photographing fireworks.

“I got the chance on July 4th to put into practice the settings that I researched for photographing fireworks. I have to say I had a blast just hanging out, setting up and waiting for the show to start.

My goal was to not focus to much on the fireworks themselves but to focus on the whole scene as well as people. I started off with the Nikon D3s on the tripod with a 14-24 shooting horizontally. I set the camera to manual exposure and manual focus. The F stop was set to F10 to start with the Shutter Speed being set to Bulb.” …more…

The photographer also provides a very nice pointer on his site for focusing in pitch black, which you will have to do when photographing fireworks:

“Here is a tip for focusing in pitch black. I found that waiting for the fire works to start worked out very very well. I was able to look threw the camera and quickly manually focus on where the fire works exploded in the sky. Being that you will be shooting at anywhere from F8-16 if your focus is close to begin with your images should be tack sharp.”



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Street Photography Do’s and Don’ts

DigitalRev is a website devoted to photography. Besides photography products for sale, there are all types of tips and learning tools available, as well as an online community of photographers.

Here is a video where Kai gives a few tips on some “Do’s and Don’ts” when doing Street Photography, with some illustrations below the video.

Image Source: DigitalRev Album


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