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Photos taken in RAW format with my Canon Rebel T2i

Just under two months ago, I purchased my first “real” camera… a Canon Rebel T2i. Oh, how I love this camera! I have always been passionate about photography and finally decided to make the move and invest in something more than a “point and shoot” auto-focus pocket-style camera. I am so glad I did… no regrets here. When looking back at my childhood, I have to laugh… whenever my mother would take the camera film in to be developed, I would always get in trouble. You see, when she picked up the photos, the entire roll would typically be pictures of our dogs and cats – which were my favorite subjects when I would sneak the camera out of the cupboard.

In the past two months, I have taken thousands upon thousands of pictures (thank goodness for digital… I would be broke now if I had to have these developed.) But I have been taking them in jpg format since raw is unknown to me. After reading up a bit more, I finally decided it was time to see what raw is all about. There is a setting on this camera which will take both a raw photo and a jpg photo of the same shot. So since I was unsure how my raw stills would come out, I opted for this setting.

And I have discovered… I love the raw format! Now I wish I had taken all my previous pictures in raw. I always drop every picture in Photoshop, so having to convert from raw to jpg is not an extra step for me.

Here are a few photos I took with a comparison of the raw photo versus the jpg-taken format. The raw’s are touched up and the jpg’s are original and untouched.

For best viewing….
Click on a thumbnail to bring up the photo in FULL SIZE in the shadowbox viewer.
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5 Responses

  1. Betty says:

    Great shots! I want a rebel. I am gonna see if I can find a nice inexpensive one, they are not very inexpensive however, to purchase with my income tax return. I am hoping to anyway! I’m jealous.

    • Photo Lover says:

      thank you!!! I bought mine as a package kit deal thru Amazon (some camera store out east). Had the body, an 18-55mm lens, 75-300mm lens, two batteries, charger, card reader, 16gig card (I have a 32 I swapped out), cleaning supplies (spray/cloth/brush/etc), a rubbery protective cover-thingy (which I don’t like as it gets in the way of when I changed the settings – I do all manual… that’s why i bought it), and a few other misc items… paid just of $900 with shipping for it. Nice starter package. I’m very very happy with it… but wished that I had done all my earlier stuff in raw format… it really does come out so much better after I tweak them. Takes longer, as I do each picture one by one… but that’s okay. Worth it. Gave me a nice base to start with, then I can expand with other lens in the future.

  2. Betty says:

    A package kit? Really? I never would have even thought to look for such a thing, don’t know why. A 16 gig card! WOW! It is terrible, I have a 35 mm and 7 lenses, been so long, now that I used my digital, and sad to say, let it do the work, I would be hard pressed to remember settings. :( I suppose I should try to relearn them! You really like the RAW format better? I have heard this mentioned often too, it being a much better format. So, all of your pictures are in RAW format then, hmmmmm!

    • Photo Lover says:

      Well… not everything I took on this site was taken in raw format. Since I had never used raw before, I was hesitant in trying it out. I had the camera for over a month and didn’t use the raw until just recently. Sadly, all my Occupy photos were not in raw – although they’re not bad. I just wished that I had tried it first out before I went to all the protests. One reason I really like the raw is when I drop them into photoshop, there is kind of like a “sub program” that comes up which has more options to adjust the photo with than just the regular jpeg in photoshop.

    • Photo Lover says:

      Hi… I just noticed you subbed this site. Honestly… you’re the first WP.com subscriber. I built this on my own host and server with wordpress.org, and didn’t realize that you could subscribe this way. So, if you don’t mind… Could I use you as a “guinea pig”? Meaning, just let me know if you received a confirmation you subbed, and apparently you must be receiving comment reply notifications. You subbed after my last post, so I’ll post again soon and would like to confirm that you received a notification, if you wouldn’t mind. I’d appreciate it. WordPress.org is quite a bit different as I have to build and set everything up, whereas .com sites do it all for you. So any help and feedback would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

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