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Occupy Albuquerque Oct 25 2011 | The police move in #occupyburque #ows


Photos from Occupy/(un)Occupy Albuquerque taken on the night of October 25th, 2011. After the denial of permit renewal by UNM, the protesters decided to remain on camp in protest. The APD, State Police, and SWAT teams moved in to arrest the protesters and then forced the crowd to the street. The APD then proceeded to mace the crowd in the streets.


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  1. Alex Limkin says:

    With your permission, I would like to include a couple of these photos with a news article, giving you proper credit. Please let me know if you can allow this. Thanks!

  2. […] few photos below the videos.  Full set of photos available on here on Motley […]

  3. […] 100s of folks who showed up as witnesses after the 10pm deadline to vacate the park. Police came in full riot gear as the deadline passed. By the end of the night 31 people were arrested and some were also mased […]

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