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Occupy Albuquerque The Protest Heard Around the World Oct 15 2011 #ows #globalchange #occupyburque

Today was a most phenomenal day!  I arrived early at Coyote Camp and shortly before the scheduled noon protest at Wells-Fargo in Nob Hill, we gathered together to march as one to the meeting point.  There were approximately 75 of us leaving from Coyote Camp.  When the rest of the protest came into view, it was a glorious site… hundreds and hundreds had already gathered!  It is difficult to estimate the size of a crowd constantly in motion, but I would estimate there were upwards to 800 people at peak time.  All ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc.  You name it, they were there!  A perfect representation of the people today within the 99 percent.

Here are images from today.  Please click on a thumbnail and view it in the slider.  You will then see the full size and quality of the beauty of what occurred today.

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  1. […] are a few photos below, but there are many more on my photo site, MotleyPhotos.net.  You may click here to go to the the full gallery of photos from […]

  2. […] Occupy Albuquerque had a very successful protest on Saturday, October 15th, in solidarity with #ows and #globalchange.  Upon my arrival at the protest point, which was Wells-Fargo in Nob Hill on Central Ave, there were hundreds already gathered.  The crowd swelled to between 700-800 people and was a glorious site!  Every age, race, religion and socioeconomic background was present!  In the true Albuquerque Southwestern tradition, it was an Occupy Fiesta!  This video I filmed and created shows the phenomenon which occurred this day.  For photos of this day, please visit my photo site:  MotleyPhotos.net […]

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