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Sandia Ranch Sanatorium: An abandoned, haunted insane asylum

Sandia Ranch was a privately owned insane asylum which was originally built in the early 1900’s as a Tuberculosis Ward.  When the need for the TB wards died, it was then converted into a sanatorium.  There are many rumors about this place… botched lobotomies and storing the bodies in the boiler room, as well as a resident who murdered one of the doctors, then several nurses are a couple I have found.  I am not a ghost-hunter, but I am drawn to old, abandoned places.  When I went to take photos, I was only told that this would be a great place go… I did not know the name, nor the history.  I will say, the entire time I was there I was most uncomfortable.  Perhaps it was all the tagging from the gangs and I was in fear they may show up.  I am not sure.  But after 30 minutes, I felt the overwhelming urge to leave.

Here are some of the pictures I took.

And for your listening pleasure, Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”


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5 Responses

  1. Tony Torres says:

    I was at this nearly demolished facility last night at the front gate & was feeling like there was an evil aura over the area.. As I walked up to the old main driveway, all the hair on my neck & head stood up & I felt as though there were insects crawling all over me. I wasn’t in fear for my life, but a very strong push to get out of that area was over me…I tried speaking to the owner of the property as his business is only a mile away on same street, but he was unavailable.


  2. kevi says:

    I don’t think we have to make up stories about Sandia Ranch. I knew people that worked there and everyone will tell you the reality of such a facility for mentally ill people. How different is mental illness today with all the technology and overly expensive care? It is more sick how people have defaced the place. Those nuts that did that are the real scary ones.

  3. Teri says:

    I Live here at Sandia Ranch sanatorium Iv been here sence they took the people out this place has had alot of stories told some true most not in the ten years I’ve been here I’ve seen and heard things I wish I would’ve I’ve had my hair pulled and been thrown down the long hallway I’ve had sprits try to take me and thank GOD that I truly beleave in the Lord or my mind might have gone crazy but most everyone that has come have been horrible young people that just want to get scared or just try and look good to there friends just by saying they got in I am the care taker here And you could say that I am the keeper of the dead people have been buried here where they are I might have a clue there was so much pain and suffering here its know wonder we have sprits here among the bad ones I wish people wouldn’t have made a mess of the place it was once a beautiful place scary stories I have a few the things I’ve seen I hope no one ever sees things I’ve heard GOD help you I never sleep anymore am always on guard so rember when your coming out to try and get in I have Big dogs for a reason then let me know when the bad sprits are around I am a witch and know a little how to keep myself safe I also carry a few guns for those who might want to hurt me you might think you can take on the bad things that creep around our 17 1/2 Acer place think again once you see what we have I guarantee you’ll never sleep again not even the scariest movie could ever capture what waits out there this place lures you in for a reason you might come in with friends but your leaving with much more than a friend I dare not say the names of some of the sprits you will be taking home to your families . Heed my warning if you truly Love your families don’t cross our gate or our property Thank you .

  4. Teri says:

    It is not abandoned we live here

    • Photo Lover says:

      What do you mean you live there? Actually in the sanatorium? Or the home that’s on the same property? If you’re living in the actual sanatorium, then you must be homeless as the photos you see here are what the place is like. In fact, I returned back in 2012 and the owners had started demolishing the place. The roof was torn off at the southern entrance. The wall with the “stoned demons,” as I call them (first image, top left), was completely gone. That was a bummer as it was one of my favorite pieces of graffiti.

      Anyway, so unless you live in the house on the property, then I do not believe you live there. It is uninhabitable.

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