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Abandoned schoolhouse in Indiana

When visiting my family back in Indiana over Christmas 2010, I stopped to take photos of an abandoned Jefferson Township School near Shannondale, Indiana.  I grew up driving by this school for many, many years.  My last visit to my hometown was in 2000 to bury my father.  I had never really acknowledged it’s existence until this last trip home.  It was cold, snowy, and very surreal.  The visions and voices of the children in decades past echoed through my mind as I tromped through the snow, fingers numb as I refuse to put on gloves when taking pictures or taking film.

The school was founded in 1926, and taught all grades from from either kindergarten or first through senior year graduation.  I believe there was a small farming community called Old Dover during this time.  I am unsure of when it closed as I have had a difficult time finding any history on line.  I believed it closed in 1974 when Western Boone High School opened.  This was very normal during this period… the small town and country schools closed all to combine into a larger, newly opened facility.

For you listening pleasure, here is “Palladio” as performed by Scala:

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  2. Chad Hall says:

    There are so many places in the world, so many villages, so many slums, where a building like this would be immediately pressed back into service as a school by parents who would do anything to have their children educated — including repairing the thing and hiring a teacher all on their own.

  3. Jan Reed says:

    Beautiful school. I feel your sentiment. Our beloved Jefferson Township School in Huntington county(1924-1972) was demolished in 1972. Had I known and living in the state at the time I would have done everything in my power to have saved it. In the early 70’s over 1,100 township schools were demolished. A historic marker is all that remains holding her place in history. Check out our school’s website at http://www.jeffersontownshipschool.com Jan Reed

  4. David Zaccaria says:

    Hi-My family (Shannon) founded this town. I would be interested in seeing any original photography you have from the area, including the school.

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